6 Steps to Score High on GRE


As we all know, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), is a familiar gateway into higher education abroad. This exam provides the ward with a good chance to explore admissions into universities across the globe. That said, the only requirement that the ward should have fulfilled is graduation with a bachelor’s degree. So here today we would be looking at what one should understand to score better in GRE exam.


1. What Does the Examination Evaluate You On?

What Does the Examination Evaluate You On?

The exam basically tests you on your quantitative understanding, that is basic mathematical skills and verbal reasoning, that is how well you can understand the English language and how any statement made is supported by enough proof. Both the GRE Quant and the GRE verbal sections are going to be at the level of tenth grade. Though conceptually they belong to a basic level, the questions can be twisted enough for you to be confused. This is not the only lock but a bigger ‘twist in the plot’ is the time that you have in hand. The questions can be confusing enough for one to spend more time than required and, as a result, score less than expected. Then comes the AWA, Analytical Writing Assessment, where the ward would have to produce two detailed essays, first an analysis of an issue, second an analysis of an argument. This subjective presentation of one’s opinion could be a decent reflection of one’s school of thought.


2. What is Necessary?

What is Necessary?

The exam requires one to be well versed with the concepts in mathematics from tenth grade. Though English would be a bit more of a challenge. It would require one to be familiar with a special set of words that the exam would test you upon in multiple ways. These are just the tip of a bigger structure that involves the usage of those words, synonyms, antonyms, and forms of words. All of this has to reflect in the essay or the subjective writing and of course, answering the MCQs as well.


3. Does Practice Make a Difference?

Does Practice Make a Difference?

Undoubtedly, practice will make a difference. But what is the practice one has to align to?

Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some might be good with mathematical skills, the others with language. Irrespective of which academic background one would belong to, their analytical abilities are gauged basis their quantitative and language comprehension in this exam. Accordingly, one has to practice topics in mathematics like percentages, basic geometry and other topics including quantitative information. The verbal and the essay parts of the exam test the student on how well familiar he/she is with words, usages, figures of speech and also the implicit meanings.

All of these skills could not be imbibed into the student overnight. Professional help should be sort and well-curated material is to be followed. At Manya, Both the help and the material are top-notch and there is the least uncertainty when it comes to the success of the student in the examination.

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4. Do GRE Mock Tests Help?

Do GRE Mock Tests Help?

Undoubtedly, Manya – The Princeton Review’s GRE practice tests bring about a great deal of difference. One should start with GRE mock test online free to understand one’s performance and make the necessary modifications in their responses in the actual exam. Practising only the GRE mock tests online doesn’t help in desired score improvement. Techniques and practicing techniques are the keys to success in this exam. The full-length free GRE Online practice tests should only be an arena where the techniques play out. Without the technique and practice of technique, any number of GRE full-length mock tests will never be able to bring about a considerable improvement for the student. So, GRE full-length practice tests are important but they should be a follow-up to the technique.

At Manya, the GRE practice tests are well-curated and can be a close representation of the actual exam i.e., the GRE conducted by the ETS. The GRE practice tests comes with an instant and interactive GRE Score Report. These GRE Online mock tests also have all the set of familiar words well incorporated within the testing pattern.


5. How Are We Supposed to Choose the Source of Information?

How Are We Supposed to Choose the Source of Information?

The source of information is an extremely important step at the start of the preparation. For students to familiarize themselves with the exam and understand the nuances of the exam and acquaint themselves to achieve their dream score. The source of information should neither scare the student nor make them complacent with respect to the standard of the exam. It should be conducive to generating enough intrigue in the student so as to initiate a learning curve that would last for a longer period in life. The skills learnt should be reflected as early as possible in their presentations. For example, the analytical writing practice is expected to show a considerable enhancement in the way the student develops the statement of purpose (SOP) for each university. If this does not happen, the source of preparation is not bringing the right change which might not last long enough to bring about a shift in the lifestyle.

At Manya, the content that is available is to impart a conceptual betterment and a long-lasting change in their analytical abilities both with language and quantitative information. The GRE study materials provided by Manya – The Princeton Review come with time tested techniques. The GRE books and GRE Online prep assures score improvement.


6. And Finally, Are You Ready?

And Finally, Are You Ready?

This is an important question that can be answered only and only by the ward and no one else. One needs to take help and assistance from professionals and well-curated material in the learning phase but needs to be sure when he/she could face the actual test by himself/herself and himself/herself only. None can try and convince or push another into taking the test when not ready. Being ready is a state of mind that comes only out of sheer confidence and surety in their abilities and conceptual awareness. This might take a person only a month, another a day and some other a year. There is no hard and fast rule for a ward to complete the preparation in a stipulated timeframe. One needs to nurture themselves into understanding what the exam needs them to be and what is necessary for achieving their dream score.

We, at Manya, are an enthusiastic team who always strive to make dreams come true for students with high aims and higher ambitions.

The motto we follow, AIM HIGH. DIG DEEP. EMBRACE ALL!




Ques.1 Does one have to be exceptional with their academics to be successful in GRE?

It is not necessary for one to be exceptional with their academics to be successful in GRE. In fact, the lag behind in academics could be covered by scoring high on GRE. The tips and techniques are helpful in a definite way if the students have their basics right.

Ques.2 Should one be particular about GRE and academics being reflective of each other?

No, but it could definitely be advantageous if academics are good. If the student does not carry an exceptional academic record, it does not stop him/ her from scoring high in this exam. In that case, it could only boost their chances of making it to a better university and definitely not put them in a worse situation.

Ques.3 Should one give more importance to Math or English?

Both have to be given equal importance in terms of the sectional performances. Nonetheless, English has more presence in the exam in the sense that proficiency in the language plays a major role in helping one achieve a better score comparatively in an easier way. All the questions irrespective of whether it is Math or English are presented in English only and have a twisted language only to confuse the test taker.

Ques.4 Is it necessary to score high on the AWA?

Yes, undoubtedly it has its own importance and edges the student if one scores well (4.5 – 6) on the AWA. This is immediately reflective in one’s SOP (Statement of Purpose). This is usually not paid attention to by most of the students. If this is taken care of, it helps the application look more organic and presents a better image of one’s self. Confidence definitely matters for better validation for a subjective presentation of your perspective.

Ques.5 Is the preparation going to change things permanently for the ward?

Yes, without any doubt. If it does not, then it means that or at least feels like the preparation was very short living and dubious. Always an exam of this sort should bring about a positive change that is conducive to better education going forward. If the preparation lasts only until the exam and does not bring about a permanent change, it might push the ward into a better school but never a better school of thought.


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