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Study in Australia

Australia is a popular destination among students to pursue higher education. What sets Australia apart from other nations is the fact that one fourth of Australia’s population is non-native. Australia’s multiculturalism is a distinguishing feature that is a strong combination of various indigenous cultures and those from various other nations. Also, being a secular country, it is open and welcoming to international students.

At present, 600,000 international students from 140 countries have studied in Australia because the country provides internationally renowned courses at all levels, from undergraduate to MS, PhD and MBA. Indians comprise the second largest group of international students studying in Australia.

Why higher education at Australia
● Australia is home to world class universities like the University of Melbourne, Australian National University, the University of New South Wales and many more.
● Academic institutions offer a range of curricula suitable for students of all academic backgrounds and budgetary conditions.
● Australian programs offer course flexibility which ensures that students get to decide his/her own approach to academics and emerge as a successful graduate.
● Students are encouraged to think laterally by analyzing real­time business scenarios and participating in extensive peer-to-peer discussions and networking sessions.
● Internship opportunities provide students a more rounded curricula and help prepare them to meet the demands of the job market.
● Post-study work options help students to gather international work experience and also move towards long-term job options.
● An immigration-friendly destination allows students to remain in-country with easier work permits even after course completion.