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MS Admission

Manya-TPR Admissions Counselors, using years of experience will be able to find the right universities for you. From their long-list of 12 universities, which will clearly highlight what are the Dream, Reach, and Safe university options, you can shortlist 5 universities. Following this, the Manya-TPR Counselor will then guide you through the entire application process, right from contacting university officials for details and questions to sending the application and reviewing their response.

Our expert Admissions Editors will be able to help you frame a Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement that will be a unique reflection of your achievements, skills, and strengths on offer to those universities. The Editors will help convert your SoP into a winning document without any unethical practices like ghost-writing; instead by reviewing, editing, critiquing, and having discussions with you about the goals, achievements, strengths, and weakness you wish to express in your statement.

Universities Short listing

Half the challenge in applying abroad is choosing the right universities. Aim too high and you stand a chance of being rejected by all your universities. Aim too low and you will not be utilizing your potential well enough. We run a reality check of your scores, credentials, and work experience to create a realistic road map by classifying your schools into one of the three following categories:

  • Dream Schools: Where you stand less than or up to 50% chances of obtaining admission.
  • Reach Schools: Where you have fairly good chances i.e. 50-80 % chances.
  • Safe Schools: Where you have 80 % or more chances of getting in.

Our counselors help you in the decision making process by saving you the effort of tediously researching universities. After explaining the pros and cons of each university in our shortlist, we give you the final decision on which universities to choose.

An increasing number of US Universities now accept students with a 3-year Bachelor’s degree (B.A, B.Com, B.Sc etc). Manya-Princeton Review can help find these universities and help you apply there.

Admissions Editing

Once you are sure of the universities you want to apply to, the next step is to work on your statement of purpose (SoP), Letters of Recommendation (LoRs), and resume.

These documents are as important to your application as your marks and standardized test scores. Incomplete application packets or incorrect application forms are the most common cause of rejections and can ruin the time, money, and effort you invested into your application.

Manya Admissions Editors closely interact with students and get to know them as a person, to understand their aspirations, and empathize with their cause.

You do not have to be a good writer to have a winning SoP. All you need to do is communicate your ideas and goals to our editors who will critique, edit, and structure your SoP until they become portraits of the unique individual that is ‘You’.

Application Assistance

Your Admissions Counselor at Manya’s Admissions Counseling Service will review your application for accuracy and completeness, before you submit the same.

Sending your application early improves your chances of admission by a considerable amount. Universities abroad are very strict about their deadlines and refuse to take applications that are even a minute late. Sending your applications much before the deadline is a proven major advantage.


With the experienced guidance of our ACS team, you can easily meet all application deadlines:


  • Early decision deadlines
  • Early action deadlines
  • Regular decision deadlines
  • Rolling admissions deadlines
  • Financial aid deadlines

Visa Counseling

Once you are selected post the application stage, the interview stage you will have to present financial documents to be issued an I-20 form (for the USA) from a university. With this I-20, you will then have to get a visa. Getting a visa, especially for the USA is a very complex process. Every year, there are stories of students who receive admissions offers, but are not given visas due to their performance in the visa interview.

We, at Manya-Princeton Review offer to demystify this experience with our Visa Counseling Service. By guiding you through the experience of filling the Visa application, preparing the documents and holding mock interview sessions; Manya-Princeton Review ensures that every admissions story has a happy end.

Manya-Princeton Review also provides Add-on Services like Loan Assistance, Courier Services, Foreign Exchange, Ticketing, and Overseas Medical Insurance from our partner organizations.

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