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Manya - The Princeton Review with its legacy of over 20 years of Study Abroad Expertise, Research Based University Admissions Counseling and The Princeton Review Advantage has successfully trained more than 4 lac students till now establishing itself as the leader in Study Abroad Domain.

The strong presence of our 45+ centers pan India, the expertise of our trainers & advisors, the robustness of our online delivery mechanism and depth of our product offerings is ensuring that we're all ready to assist every student in accomplishing his/her study abroad goal of getting into a top global university or college, because we all know that only "Aces Go Places".

About International Internship Program

The Program allows students to complete their internship in a chosen subject with world-class education experts. It helps students to expand and apply their knowledge of an academic subject in ways not possible within school courses. Paired with the state-of-the-art interactive communications and program management platform, students are able to collaborate with mentors in an accessible, convenient and organized remote learning environment that replicates in-person communication.

With hard work, students not only complete a research project or written work/publication but can also earn a letter of recommendation – an influential asset for future admissions or employment goals!


  • Build your Global Profile.
  • Work 1:1 with a Top University Professor
  • Expand & Apply Your Knowledge
  • 100% Record of Earning Acceptance
Why You Should Attend This Session
Importance of IIP Program & its Role in the University Application Process
Familiarize with University Level Courses, Subjects & Research Methods
Mentor Expectations & Goals
Know the Internship Opportunities for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses.
Case Studies
Q&A with Experts
Our Esteemed Speakers

David Schuessler
MA, Computing in Education,
Columbia University
MBA, MIT – Fudan University

Danielle Joy
Masters in Public Administration,
Shanghai Jiaotong University

Who Should Attend
  • Students who are aspiring to pursue their undergraduate or postgraduate studies from abroad
  • Students aspiring to take admissions in colleges in USA, UK, Canada, Germany or Australia
  • Students who are looking to strengthen their profile for college admissions.
Manya - The Princeton Review
  • The largest global partner with The Princeton Review (TPR), USA
  • A leading service provider offering education related services encompassing test preparation, admissions consulting services and language & communication training
  • End-to-end services portfolio includes career counselling, profiling, short-listing of colleges & universities, standardised test preparation, development of competitive applications, financial & scholarship counselling, interview preparation, visa counselling, and pre-departure orientation
  • Institutional partners include Cambridge University Press (CUP), British Council, IDP, Credila, Avanse, to name a few.
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Student Testimonials

Samarth Kulkarni

I had the great privilege of being able to work on a project with Dr. Bruce Campbell of Brown University. Over the course of our mentorship, we worked to create a “BCI”, which is a system that detects and interprets brain waves so that they can be used to procure a response from the computer. By the end of our mentorship, we had managed to extract and interpret data, as well as build a preliminary ML model to perform all these steps automatically. The whole experience was an amazing one, and really helped me with a whole host of skills, from coding to expressing my thoughts clearly.

Aarav Kumar
New Delhi

Internship Program is a very unique and intellectually cultivating program. The opportunity to interact with professors from the top universities in the world and actually work under them comes once in a lifetime and should not be passed. I personally worked under an MIT professor and those 8 weeks have been stupendous. He taught me concepts with ease and gave me simple yet intriguing assignments. Not only did I get to make a project under him, but also got a major edge over others by illustrating my competence and experience through his letter of recommendation. Manya is doing an excellent job with the mentorship. I was extremely satisfied with every feature of the program and do not hesitate to recommend it to other aspirants.

Anusha Sarraf
New Delhi

International Internship Program provided me the opportunity of working with an international professor and performing research without the hassle of physically moving to that location. The program helps you connect to a few of the brilliant minds that are a part of prestigious universities abroad. If you can afford it I would most definitely recommend this internship.

Ravi Shankar

I found about this program when I was applying for MS using Manya – The Princeton Review services. This International Internship Program is one of a kind, it connects students directly with the professors from top-notch universities. This program will be greatly useful for those who intend to add extra value to their resume. Furthermore, a LOR from such kind of professors is highly valuable and these are the sort of things that the University admission committee looks for. I did my internship under Dr. Peter Kempthorne from MIT on the topic Using R studio for statistical analysis.

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