GMAT Student's Testimonials


Kanishak Chauhan

GMAT: 760/800

Manya ID: RJG151610E00001

The trainers at Manya-The Princeton Review are highly competent with vast experience. Their personalized attention and guidance was very important for me in achieving a 760 on the GMAT. The online portal has some excellent content including topic wise lessons and drills. The online computer adaptive practice tests provide a realistic experience of the GMAT. Thorough post-test analysis helps in identifying areas of improvement. After the completion of regular course extra sessions were provided, which were helpful in my preparations. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with Manya-The Princeton Review and I would surely recommend it to anyone for their GMAT preparation.


Atul Ghiya

GMAT: 710/800

Manya ID: P/1617/04/E/00008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Manya-The Princeton Review for the excellent coaching which helped me in achieving this feat. I would also like to thank them for their constant support in clearing doubts and providing time saving techniques that helped me to excel in the actual exam.


Debajyoti Niyogi

GMAT : 710/800

Manya ID: SBR151610E00018

I am extremely thankful to my teachers at The Princeton Review for their guidance throughout the GMAT course. Their explanations during the class made difficult topics easy, their strategies helped save a lot of time during the exam and their friendly attitude made it possible for me to approach them with doubts even outside the class. The full length mock tests and hundreds of drills in the student portal helped me adjust my pacing and ensured that I complete all questions on time. It is clear to me, that without The Princeton Review, it would've been impossible for me to score 700+ in my first attempt. They patiently guided me for eight months and ensured that I get a high score in my GMAT.

GRE Student's Testimonials


Vishwanathan Giridhar

GRE: 337/340

Manya ID: ADR151610E00061

I found my course in Manya-The Princeton Review very useful and enjoyable. The interactive English and Quant classes were effective in giving me a solid foundation in cracking the GRE. I would also like to commend their excellent online portal where I was able to take multiple full length and realistic tests, which gave me adequate practice and experience and boosted my confidence. Looking forward to Manya-The Princeton Review for my TOEFL classes, I would strongly recommend it to the future GRE test takers.



Bakulesh Singh

GRE: 335/340

Manya ID: CHD161707E00013

The Princeton Review really helped me in performing well on the GRE. The Tips and strategies offered by the faculty were really helpful in achieving my long standing ambition of getting admission into a reputed institute. I would strongly recommend the Princeton Review to anyone aiming for a good GRE Score.


Firnaz Ahmed

GRE: 333/340

Manya ID: PRR151611E00011

Manya-The Princeton Review has been the perfect guide for me during my GRE preparation. The techniques that they taught have helped me to ace the exam. The ever-approachable faculty and the resources provided in the form of books and student portal have been instrumental in achieving my dream score. My teachers and facilitators have been my pillars of support. Apart from instilling technical knowledge, they gave me the moral support that I most needed.

SAT/ACT/PSAT/AP Student's Testimonials


Mahindar Panneer Selvam

AP: 5/5

Manya ID: PRR151602E00033

The online classes at Manya-The Princeton Review provided me the much-needed guidance. Despite preparing only for a few weeks, I was able to achieve a score of five in AP Calculus BC. I would attribute this achievement to them. The coaching is definitely top-notch. Though I was not interested in Mathematics, this course made me choose the subject as a college major.


Harmandeep Singh

SAT: 1480/1600

Manya ID: CHD161706E00094

I am highly indebted to my friend whose suggestion led me to join Manya-The Princeton Review. Their role in my progress – from 1150 in the diagnostic test to 1480 on the actual SAT – cannot be overstated. The rigorous practice tests, expert guidance, and insider tips and tricks boosted my confidence, not to mention the individual attention given in the one-to-one analysis sessions. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to realize their potential and achieve their target score.


Adithya Narasimhan

SAT: 1470/1600

Manya ID: JNR151603E00072

My SAT test had been an amazing one, thanks to the incredible teachers I have had in Manya-The Princeton Review. I got a good understanding of how to answer those questions properly and efficiently. I cannot express how grateful I am to the teachers for the stellar explanations to the questions, answers and the time taken to make sure we understood the concepts.

IELTS/TOEFL Student's Testimonials


Minal Ahuja

IELTS : 8/9

Manya ID: NCS151602E00011

The guidance provided at Manya-The Princeton Review was just what I needed to excel the IELTS. The course completed well in time and the faculty is co-operative and well trained. My experience here was wonderful.


Kaustav Banik

IELTS : 8/9

Manya ID: SBR151612E00033

Manya-The Princeton Review is one of the best institutions for IELTS preparation. It is amazing to see how much effort they put in, like teaching connectives and illustrating it with examples. I am writing this note to express my gratitude for their dedication and perseverance. Without their continued guidance, my achievement of a band 8 would never have been possible.


Shushyam Maligesharanappa

TOEFL: 117/120

Manya ID: JNR151606E00236

Thanks to Manya-The Princeton Review for giving me awesome teachers who have helped me to constantly improve on the speaking and the writing sections on the TOEFL. Please continue the awesome work that you have been doing

Admissions Student's Testimonials


Sanjana Ramesh

Product: Admissions

Manya ID: CAND11921

My experience with Manya-The Princeton Review was very satisfying. My admission counselor was of big help and was accessible anytime. They very patiently considered my criteria and gave me more options of universities which were very useful to me. My Counsellors was of immense help to me. They would always patiently listen to all my queries and help to resolve it. I must say, they are very prompt and always accessible. My editor was on leave temporarily and when I contacted my counselor regarding this they immediately put me up with a different editor and my SOP was edited within a couple of days. Overall, I had a very satisfying experience with my counselors and the counseling service.



Refugine Nirmal

Product: Admissions

Manya ID: CAND12655

Working with Manya-The Princeton Review was a pleasant experience. The guidance and involvement they had given were excellent. The way the counselors clarified my doubts has really helped me to complete my application work. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes during the course of work. Additional information was given by them also played a vital role in my application process. The counselors are well organized and have a structured mindset to approach the application work. They have reminded me at the right time and that has helped me to submit my application on time. I will rate Manya 4.5 on the scale of 5, wishing you a happy future ahead.


Shreyes Ravikumar

Product: Admissions

Manya ID: CAND11776

My overall experience with Manya-The Princeton Review was good and highly satisfactory. They helped and guided me to choose the right universities. They were always in touch and made sure that everything was fine and was up to date. They use to call and remind me what has to be done and because of their guidance, I was able to complete the application process for university admission. They even use to keep me reminding the deadlines of my universities so that I could apply in time.  They also guided me in editing to get prepared with all the required documents, which were mandatory for the universities. I would rate their Admission Counselling Services 10 on 10.


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