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Chandrima Bhattacharya

Minal Ahuja

IELTS Score: 8/9

Manya ID: : NCS/1516/02/E/00011

The guidance provided at Manya-The Princeton Review was just what I needed to excel the IELTS. The course completed well in time and the faculty is co-operative and well trained. My experience here was wonderful.


Chandrima Bhattacharya

Imtiaz Ahamed

Score: VB- 164/QR-165

Manya ID: : ADR1516N00002E090007

My experience with Manya was very good and the teachers were accessible. A high point was the internet portal at, which had good questions for practice, which helped me a lot on my exam day. The monthly refresher classes after the course were also helpful, and of course, the timely revision at Manya helped a lot!

Chandrima Bhattacharya

Lohitha Yenugu

GRE Quant Score 170/170

Manya ID: HNR151603E0002

The online content in the student portal is ample enough and is at par with the ETS standards. The study material and learning strategies made me easy to crack the GRE. All the instructors are at ease in clearing any reservations posed


Arpan Dasgupta

GRE Score: 326/340

Manya ID: SBR/1516/09/E/00004

The material provided by Manya–The Princeton Review is helpful. The difficulty level of the questions provided in the supplements is the closest you could get to the actual test. The strategies taught during their classes proved instrumental in performing well in the GRE. They provided guidance until the day I took the actual test, providing regular feedbacks. The test environment provided in the portal is identical to the actual GRE.



TOEFL Score - 117/120

Manya ID: STX1516S00062E070001

A 117/120 in TOEFL is not a score I ever dreamt of until I saw the nearly perfect scores on my scorecard. My teacher has been instrumental behind this score. Her vivacious presence in the class and constant support made me feel reassured about my preparations. She took her classes very methodically, making sure I could sufficiently practice all the sections that come in the test. She assessed my strengths and weaknesses and suggested ways to overcome the flaws. I would also like to add that TOEFL classes with Ma’am were always “fun”! She would employ interesting activities to make it not seem like a stereotyped class. Thus, the TOEFL preparation was a rather enjoyable experience at Princeton Review. Furthermore, the study material provided to me by Princeton Review was at par with the questions in the real test. As a result, I felt very comfortable while answering the questions during the test, because  I was acclimatized to doing similar questions in the class too. To sum up, I believe that the high score that I achieved would never be possible without the help of each and every one at Princeton review. I am indeed very glad and satisfied with the learning experience that I had at Manya.


Prateeth Reddy

GRE Quant Score: 170/170

Manya ID: PNJ/1516/01/E/00024

Manya-The Princeton Review GRE classes and mock tests gave me a clear idea on how to approach the actual exam. The techniques taught in both the verbal and quant classes helped me answer the questions at a faster rate than I usually do, and I credit them in helping me achieve this score.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

AP Score: 5 out of 5

Manya ID: PRR/1516/02/E/00033

The online classes at Manya-The Princeton Review provided me the much-needed guidance. Despite preparing only for a few weeks, I was able to achieve a score of five in AP Calculus BC. I would attribute this achievement to them. The coaching is definitely top-notch. Though I was not interested in Mathematics, this course made me choose the subject as a college major.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Sai Prashanth

GRE Score: 320/340

Manya ID: TNR151611E00059

The quality of practice material available on the student portal is at par with the GRE, serving as a vital study tool. I found the classes to be very useful and the Faculty was approachable and resourceful. The techniques taught, helped me to achieve a perfect score of 170 in Quant. My overall experience at Manya-The Princeton Review has been highly insightful. Thanks!

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Sri Manasa Ravala

GRE Score: 322/340

Manya ID: HNR161705E00115

Manya- The Princeton Review helped me to improve my GRE score. Not only the fundamentals taught impeccably but also their shortcuts aided me in performing efficiently and saving time in the exam. The one-on-one feedback provided on the mock tests helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and facilitated me to work better to improve my score. Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend Manya-The Princeton Review to any GRE aspirant.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Varun Rastogi

GRE Score: 332/340

Manya ID: HNR151601E00078

With great infrastructure, a good sense of how to incorporate GRE prep into a UG student's already hectic schedule using a nice online cum offline model and dedicated experts, Manya- The Princeton Review has given me a great impetus which has led me to move from 304 in my diagnostic to a 332 as my actual score. Manya-The Princeton Review is a one-stop choice for the GRE.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Jason Dsilva

GRE Score: 326/340

Manya ID: KMG151 601 RE00079

I always believed that coaching classes were unhelpful and pointless. However, Manya-The Princeton Review completely changed my perspective. Their classroom training was helpful as it helped me to learn new concepts and use shortcuts effectively. Faculty made sure that everyone in the batch understood each topic and were always available to answer any questions that we had. The online portal was truly beneficial as the drills and the mock tests were at par with the actual GRE exam. I would not have scored so well without the help of this wonderful institute. Continue the good work Manya-The Princeton Review !

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Kaustav Banik

IELTS Score: 8/9

Manya ID: SBR151612E00033

Manya-The Princeton Review is one of the best institutions for IELTS preparation. It is amazing to see how much effort they put in, like teaching connectives and illustrating it with examples. I am writing this note to express my gratitude for their dedication and perseverance. Without their continued guidance, my achievement of a band 8 would never have been possible.

Subhannita Sarcar

Subhannita Sarcar

GRE Score: 326/340

Manya ID: SBR1516N00004E080001

I had enrolled for one-on- one GRE tutoring with Manya-The Princeton Review. I earned a score of 326 in GRE. I scored 296 in my diagnostic test. I acknowledge the effort Manya-The Princeton Review put in improving my verbal skills. Their teaching is vibrant, methods are easy to follow and ample practice sessions helped me to get a fair idea of the test. They constantly motivated me to score well and pushed me to work harder. Fellow GRE test takers, you are sure to score well if you utilize the resources here fully!

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Swati Pandey

GRE Score: 332/340

Manya ID: 5TX131.00062E070019

The quality of practice material available in the online student portal of Manya-The Princeton Review is at par with the actual questions that come in the GRE®. My teachers at Manya were very approachable, always willing to help with any doubts. Previously, I never thought that coaching classes were very effective but my perception has completely changed now

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Utsab Ray 

GRE Score: 324/340

Manya ID: SBR151612E00031

One of my friends advised me to join Manya-The Princeton Review. I must admit, initially I was apprehensive. I thought, its English and Math. How much help will I actually need? Nevertheless, with the advent of the course, I realized that it was not just plain English and Math. The GRE requires you to look at the questions from a very different perspective, and that is what my teachers taught me. Without their guidance, I would not have scored what I actually did. My score does not do justice to their teachings. My advice to the future GRE aspirants would be to aim high. If I can get 324 in such a short time, imagine what you can get with a little bit of effort and hard work. Follow your teachers and you will see that the sky is the limit.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Bhavik Shah

GRE Score: 321/340

Manya ID: ANR1516N00002E080026

The experience at Manya- The Princeton Review was different and altogether wonderful. Faculty was always ready to traverse that extra mile, only to put us in a better position to tackle objectives well. Faculty took effort in making sure that their students knew all concepts and how to go about achieving the right answers. Overall, if one needs a fine way to get a basic idea about how to go about the GRE, I would certainly recommend this course offered by Manya- The Princeton Review.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Adithya Narasimhan

GRE Score: 1470/1600

Manya ID: JNR151603E00072

My SAT test had been an amazing one, thanks to the incredible teachers I have had in Manya- The Princeton Review. I got a good understanding of how to answer those questions properly and efficiently. I cannot express how grateful I am to the teachers for the stellar explanations to the questions, answers and the time taken to make sure we understood the concepts.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Firnaz Ahmed

GRE Score: 333/340

Manya ID: PRR151611E00011

Manya- The Princeton Review has been the perfect guide for me during my GRE preparation. The techniques that they taught have helped me to ace the exam. The ever-approachable faculty and the resources provided in the form of books and student portal have been instrumental in achieving my dream score. My teachers and facilitators have been my pillars of support. Apart from instilling technical knowledge, they gave me the moral support that I most needed

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Hridayrath Reddy

GRE Score: 323/340

Manya ID: MDP161705E00037

Manya- The Princeton Review has been instrumental in my endeavor to achieve a high GRE score. The material is very representative of what appears in the exam and the online content is well prepared to identify and improve your weaknesses. The faculty is highly skilled at delivering key strategies and tips that are crucial for success in a time-pressured exam

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Sai Aravindh Ravi

GRE Score: 325/340

Manya ID: TNR151612E00003

Faculty at Manya-The Princeton Review was extremely approachable, and cleared all kind of doubts even after my course ended. They taught me invaluable shortcuts and methods that helped me improve my speed exponentially. Their online portal is the ultimate test preparation tool. It has all the class material, comprehensive set of drills and online tests, which go a long way in helping even an average student, prepare for the GRE well. I am a step closer today to achieving my dream of pursuing my masters at a top university abroad because of them

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Vishwanathan Giridhar

GRE Score: 337/340

Manya ID: ADR151610E00061

I found my course in Manya- The Princeton Review very useful and enjoyable. The interactive English and quant’s classes were effective in giving me a solid foundation in cracking the GRE. I would also like to commend their excellent online portal where I was able to take multiple full length and realistic tests, which gave me adequate practice and experience and boosted my confidence. Looking forward to Manya- The Princeton Review for my TOEFL classes, I would strongly recommend it to the future GRE test takers.

Mahindar Panneer Selvam

Shushyam Maligesharanappa

GRE Score: 117/120

Manya ID: JNR151606E00236

Thanks to Manya- The Princeton Review for giving me awesome teachers who helped me constantly, to improve on the speaking and writing section! Please continue the awesome work that you have been doing 

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