Profile Enhancement Under Graduate

Profile Enhancement Under Graduate

With the increased awareness and interest of students and parents on studying in top Foreign universities abroad, it is very important for students to work on their profile from an early stage. While our product is named – ‘Profile Enhancement’, it actually offers more than just that, Profile Enhancement being a major part of the services. Students need make the decision of which country they want to apply to, which courses, which universities and work backwards towards steps needed to gain admission in these. Therefore it is extremely important that a student who is in Grade 10 starts with these services. Students of grade 11 are also highly recommended to avail these services. This prevents any loss of effort from the student’s end in a situation he or she comes to us at the last moment for assistance in his or her applications when they are in Grade 12. When to take the SAT, which SAT subject tests to take, which English Language Tests to take, what extra curricular activities to highlight and build upon with respect of applications, researching about life at targeted universities are just some questions that students are helped to get answers for in these services.

The following services will be provided to students under this service including but not restricted to as well as not every point below may be relevant to the candidate:

1. Understanding the education system and admissions process of country interested in

2. Profile Enhancement

         Different modules on:
        (a) Internships and how to make most of it
        (b) Enhancing academic profile
        (c) Class and university projects
        (d) How publications help and how to work on them (MS clients)
        (e) Social skills and soft skills enhancement
        (f) Community service and extracurricular activities

3. Career Enhancement- Diploma and degree courses recognized and what options client has
4. How to take standardized tests (SAT, SAT II, TOEFL/ IELTS/PTE)- Strategy, advice on test taking and registering tips
5. Networking- Prospective recommenders, professors (to avail TA/RA and scholarships) and potential companies
6. Importance of early applications
7. Application component-  SOP, essay, resume building, financial documents, GPA conversion, WES and other external evaluation details
8. How to get a successful visa- Visa process and components
9. Specialization - which field to choose for your Bachelors