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The Princeton Review SAT Course

The Princeton Review SAT Course

Manya Group - The Princeton Review
A pioneer in the domain of study abroad educational services in India, Manya offers the best SAT preparation possible. Partnering The Princeton Review in India, Manya’s SAT prep makes students familiar with the structure of the test, format of questions, and strategies to ace the test. 
  • Our average SAT score nationally is an admirable 1881.
  • About 24% of our students score above 2000. 
Why should you join TPR?
Our course material is the outcome of the rigorous research of our R&D team based in New York. The test formats are regularly tapped and inputs on the latest question patterns, trends etc. are tracked, appropriate strategies developed, and then documented in the manuals. The test is an American one, and therefore the best strategies are also likely to be developed by Americans, since they would understand the psychology of test-writers and test-takers better. We will give you a manual developed by TPR and the latest version of the 11 Practice Tests. The manual not only focuses on the key contents that you need to master for example various aspects of grammar or various concepts in math, but also trains students to be intelligent test-takers. This is unlike several other institutes where the course material is just an assortment of questions. We believe that a right combination of content and strategy is important to succeed on the SAT. Apart from these two, you will receive access to our unique online resource called the Student Portal (SP). The SP has several drills for each category of math and verbal to give you additional practice.

All students take four proctored tests during their course with us. You get detailed score reports to understand their strengths and areas that they need to work on. Your teachers will give you feedback after each test to help you strategize for subsequent tests.

If you still crave for more practice then feel free to use our library where we have carefully selected the right practice material for you.

Our Commitment: For us the most important thing is to see you satisfied with your preparation and help you achieve the scores that you are aiming for. For this our teachers are available to you for doubt clearance as I mentioned before, and are the best guides that you can get anywhere. Please ensure that you call the center and take an appointment for doubt clearance. Your teachers are going to be firm about your commitment to the course as well and will not encourage sloppiness in work. Even before you start the course, you will have to take a diagnostic test so that the teachers know where you stand in terms of performance, and can advise you on your approach for the next test. Please ensure that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Our prep helps identify exactly which are the areas a student needs to improve. Our customized SAT coaching modules giving attention to personal details creates and implements individualized study plans helping you to achieve a good SAT score. The mock tests delivered in SAT preparation classes are a simulation of the real test that helps you to practice and get good SAT scores. Our SAT courses emphasizes on a small batch size that helps the tutor give personal attention to each and every student.

We are so confident that our techniques work and work well on the SAT that we guarantee a 200 point improvement from the first diagnostic test to the actual SAT. If you don’t get this improvement, we promise to work with you free of course within a period of one year, provided you have attended all classes as per schedule, done all homework, taken practice tests when specified and taken the actual SAT on the date closest to your course completion. This is the Unique Satisfaction Guarantee we give students who attend courses in a batch.

The SAT test preparation programs at Manya-Princeton Review boasts of the best average score improvement in SAT. Many students scored in top percentile of 2000+. The highest score reported in India last year was by a TPR student–2370 who enrolled for our SAT coaching. To enroll for our SAT coaching classes, give us a call at 1800–102–4646.

What You’ll Get
Our SAT prep provides extensive interactive classrooms sessions filled with power-packed strategies and focused content coverage designed to give an immediate sure improvement.

  • Comprehensive and up-to-date SAT course manuals along with The Princeton Review 11 Practice Tests (you keep all materials).
  • Four proctored tests along with 10 practice tests from the courseware. Score reports are generated for every test identifying a student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Small classes, so you get personal attention.
  • Instructors who are experts on the SAT.
  • Free extra help from your instructor.
  • Access to LiveGraderTM (SAT essay grading) to get feedback on your essay from a SAT expert.
  • One session for admissions advice for the schools in the US.
  • First hand Test Day Advice on ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of taking the SAT.
  • Refresher course at no extra cost, 2 to 3 weeks before the actual test.
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