What and How to Prepare for PHD Program

What and How to Prepare for PHD Program

In order to apply for PhD Program from abroad with scholarship options, a graduate applicant needs to prepare the following:

1.    Standardized Tests
  • GRE (General + Subject) Test
2.    Academic Transcripts
  • Candidate's Bachelors + Master's semester wise and consolidated marks card 

3.    Application Forms
  • Applicants should fill the application carefully and with correct information
  • Education systems in different countries vary; hence the language on the application form should be read carefully before form filling.
  • Get the completed form proof read prior to final submission

4.    Extra Curricular Activities
  • Shows overall development of the student in varied interests
  • Community Service however not essential, but can help a lot
  • Display your ability and experience in management, organization and working with teams

5.    Recommendation Letters, Essays/SOP & Resume
  • Must Show Distinctiveness
  • Diversity
  • Intent in applying for a particular course
6.    Financial Documents
  • To assess the financial capability of the applicant.
  • These documents are required by the universities for issuing the I20.
  • Universities ask applicants to show amounts equivalent to 1 year’s tuition fees and living expenses
7.    Visa
       Getting a Visa is not easy; any of the following can lead to rejection:
  • Incomplete application
  • Wrong information
  • Improper documents
  • Insufficient proof of funding
  • Criminal activity
  • Possible intent of immigration
Tests to take:
  • GRE