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The batch plan*:

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*You are highly recommended to sign up at least 7 working days before the date you are joining the course for us to be able to deliver the Basket of Goods (Books) to you. You also have to complete some pre work before you start the class, hence timely enrolment is recommended. Your student portal will be activated from the date you start your course and will be active and accessible to you online for 6 months. In the event your test date is slightly after the expiry of your access to the student portal, we shall extend after evaluating the time for which extension is needed. You may also re activate upon expiry, your personalized student portal by paying INR 4000.

Course Material

GMAT OFFICIAL GUIDE 2016 version – the Official Guide, is the only text which contains official exam questions taken from all sections of the exam. The text contains more than 900 questions from previous GMAT exams, access to a companion site which has more than 50 integrated reasoning questions, and a diagnostic section which will aid in test preparation. This book shall be extensively covered in class, for practice and homework shall be given to students from it, so as to make students have complete control and command over various types of questions in the GMAT exam.

The NEW Princeton Review In-class Manual Ver-9.1 - Understand the techniques that will help you identify traps on the test, and also build a systematic approach towards questions on the test for both Quant and Verbal GMAT Official Guide - 16th edition - Official GMAC questions to practice the strategies and techniques covered in the Manual. A Supplement for extra practice - more than 300 questions for practice advanced math concepts and questions for timed practice. A structured home work guide to do practice questions from the OG, Online Student Portal and adaptive test.

The Princeton Review Verbal Review Ver-9.1 - Revise the core concepts tested in grammar needed for sentence correction; Argument patterns and question types for critical reasoning; and understand how to identify passage structures, purpose and mapping to crack reading comprehension questions the passage structures, purpose and mapping. Review your progress with quizzes, and drills.

The Princeton Review Quantitative Review Ver-9.1 - Review the basic math concepts by starting with the fundamentals before moving on to advanced concepts. Learn how to use graphic organizers to save time and avoid mistakes on the test. Use the Review to recognize opportunities to apply techniques, and effective use of the note board on the test.

Supplement ver 1.3 - Designed to be user-friendly for all students, this book provides easy-to-follow explanations of fundamental concepts and step-by-step application of these concepts to examples. It’s an invaluable resource for students who want to cement their understanding of basic principles such as grammar, logic, and reading, while building core verbal skills for the GMAT.

Online Student Portal - This is much more than tracking your progress. It includes 10 simulated Computer Adaptive Tests, 80 topic wise drills, detailed score reports and a variety of online tools such as online lesson reviews.

Online Sessions - Online sessions delivered by Princeton Reviews’ certified trainers, to give you command on topics, customized guidance on how to prepare, what content to do, complete content (manuals, supplements, Official Guide) & study tools such as drills, review, advice and feedback & review of mock test scores. Also get advantages of multiple free mass doubt clearing sessions in workshop mode.

Additional Content - This will be provided in the form of email docs as the course progresses. This content supplements learning as well as practice.

About the Course

Faster and More effective are 2 words that we would like to introduce this course as.

Technology today is moving faster than ever. What may be new today will be outdated tomorrow. In today’s fast paced world, time is more valuable than it ever was and everyone wants the best with least inconvenience and why not, that’s the smart way to do it!

This model is designed for success. Modular delivery from elite E learning certified Princeton Review Trainers** through real time, live online sessions (These trainers are certified to train students through virtual classrooms globally) with support, review of diagnostic test scores & feedback, extra help, workshops – basically all that you get in a classroom course at our centres only that this is much faster with classes thrice a week and you don’t have to travel to a classroom. We use the platform to increase no. of classes compared to our classroom course to develop a faster, a more robust and effective course for those who have the right internet bandwidth to take these classes. Students save tonnes of time that they would otherwise waste in travel/traffic and use the same time to practice more in a far more compressed & productive course with optimum time lines. The faculty remain the same throughout the duration of a batch and are contactable to set up extra help sessions/workshops. You have access to a recorded version of every class on your student portal within 24 hours of a class.

**E learning certified Trainer: The Princeton Review USA has certified some elite trainers from Manya – The Princeton Review (India) to take live classes over a virtual platform. These trainers are globally certified to deliver The Princeton Review course to students in a way that ensures that the student experience is exactly the same as in a classroom, the only difference being that the students are not in a physical classroom, but are logging in on an online platform. The Princeton Review USA trains local students in USA only through E learning certified Trainers and the same is being followed by Manya – The Princeton Review. Over 60% of students preparing in TPR USA for GMAT take this course. This exact delivery method – using an online platform (which is Elluminate in the case of TPR), is the most prevalent, evolved and successful and is adopted by all other GMAT prep companies in the US.

Join us wherever you are! - Live sessions on every topic of the test. All that you would get in a classroom course is provided to you at the comfort of your home/wherever you are.

Delivery by Princeton Review Certified Trainers - These elite trainers are there to guide you through their live virtual sessions. They will provide live classes on every topic as per the batch schedule, specifically prepared for Virtual Classes. These sessions apart from being extremely high on teaching quality, are equally high on student interaction. They understand strategy and pacing and how to transform an ‘average’ test taker to a ‘smart’ one!

Customized Study Plan - Post delivery in virtual classroom by E learning certified trainers, you will get guidance from your assigned trainers in the form of review and feedback on mock test scores, expert guidance & advice. So you still get the benefits of a classroom course, without actually having to come to attend classes!

Flexibility! - The Modular Delivery gives flexibility to the student, i.e. topic wise coverage in every session; you can attend a class more than once, during the course. So no need to worry about making up for a class you missed. This course is designed to deliver the continuity to you through assigned trainers and modular classes.

*Unique Satisfaction Guarantee - In case a student has attended all classes, followed all advice and instructions of the teachers and is still unhappy with the score obtained, we will be happy to work with him again, at no extra cost.

And more! - Apart from Live Sessions you also have complete access to The Princeton Review Online Student Portal in which you get 10 full length simulated Computer Adaptive Tests with detailed and computerized score reports. Do you know that there are only 2 companies in the market that have a Computer Adaptive Testing Engine in their Diagnostic/Practice Tests? GMAC is the first one (obviously), The Princeton Review is the 2nd one.

  • Simulated computer adaptive drills, for pacing & practice
  • A complete Basket of Goods that will include Manuals for Prep, Supplements, latest edition of GMAT Official Guide 16, additional hard/advanced content for high scorers
  • Online videos for every topic of GMAT
  • One – to – many doubt clearing sessions in online workshop


Live online classes: While most systems meet technical requirements, in order to ensure that our student’s experience is smooth, we conduct a dry run (high recommended for MAC users) for every batch of fresh students before they commence their classes. For the dry run, we share details and links of the platform on which we provide our live online classes, with the students. The objective of the dry run is to sensitize the student and help configure the student’s system with requirements and suggest simple measures to students so that after the dry run is successful for them, they are able to attend classes with no technical hassle throughout the course.

System requirements:
Java 6,7
Internet Bandwidth: Minimum 2 mbps (4 mbps preferred)

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