Anuj Gupta,  GMAT Score: 750 Anuj Gupta

GMAT Score: 750

City: Delhi NCR

The structured curriculum and classroom instruction at Manya Education has opened new avenues as I plan the next step towards my academic and professional pursuits. I continue to be in touch with my faculty who have constantly inspired me to seek perfection.

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Mayukh Basu,  GMAT Score: 730 Mayukh Basu

GMAT Score: 730

City: Kolkata

I joined Princeton Review Kolkata in February 2013 (batch B67) after a month's deliberations regarding the choice of institute. I scored 600 in the diagnostic test that we were supposed to take before classes started, and that wasn't too bad a score to start...

In hindsight, I feel the decision to join Princeton Review has been extremely rewarding. I will definite recommend PR to anyone who is looking to ace the GMAT....  

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Promit Chatterjee,  GMAT Score: 740 Promit Chatterjee.

GMAT Score: 740

City: Kolkata

I found the entire process at Princeton Review�s GMAT course extremely helpful. The classes were conducted in an environment very conductive to learning. We were taught many little things that could not have been just picked...

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Sreekanth,  GMAT Score: 720 Sreekanth

GMAT Score: 720

City: Chennai

Thank you. I am extremely satisfied and relieved that I was able to perform well and get a good score in my first attempt itself. The help at TPR allowed me to focus on my prep on both my strengths and weaknesses and achieve the best possible score in the available time.....  

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Anuj Gupta

The structured curriculum and classroom instruction at Manya Education has opened new avenues as I plan the next step towards my academic and professional pursuits. I continue to be in touch with my faculty who have constantly inspired me to seek perfection.

The Manya Education Team has always taken pride in the performance of its students and has supported me every step of the way. This gesture has once again reaffirmed my belief towards their commitment to excellence. I would definitely recommend Princeton Review�s GMAT preparation to prospective candidates who are planning their MBA Education.

Anuj Gupta

Mayukh Basu

I joined Princeton Review Kolkata in February 2013 (batch B67) after a month's deliberations regarding the choice of institute. I scored 600 in the diagnostic test that we were supposed to take before classes started, and that wasn't too bad a score to start. But anyone who has taken the GMAT will tell you that it is the leap from the 600-620 range to 700+ that is particularly difficult to achieve. Solving problems from the GMAT Official Guide can get you to 600, but to go that extra mile one needs expert guidance, tougher problems and a proper exam strategy. And this is precisely where Princeton Review was such a big help. The teachers (Saurab Sen for Verbal and Saikat Roy for Quants) were always available for guidance, even outside classroom hours. And we were provided with ample extra problems of varied difficulty levels, in class and through emails, to help us prepare better.

In hindsight, I feel the decision to join Princeton Review has been extremely rewarding. I will definite recommend PR to anyone who is looking to ace the GMAT.

Mayukh Basu

Siddharth M H

The Princeton Review GMAT program helped me apply my knowledge towards the betterment of my GMAT score. The techniques taught, helped me score a 700 on my GMAT in just 2 months. It's not just the techniques that make it all worth it. It's the encouragement given by the teachers with their desire and drive to help you at all times that adds to the value of the program. All in all, highly recommended.

Siddharth M H

Nachiket,  GMAT Score: 730


I wrote the exam again on 30th July. This time it was much better. I got a 730 (M 50, V 39).

I wrote my GMAT earlier this year, January 24th and got a score of 690 (M 47, V 38). I was very confused at that point of time as many who met me told me that this is good enough and I should give it a shot. I decided to give it a shot and applied for INSEAD with a seemingly strong application, I got rejected. But that got me rid of the belief that this score might work. Also meanwhile a senior told me that by not going for the second try I am giving the admissions committee a feeling that this is the best I can do. He asked, do you believe that this is the best you can do, and that conversation cleared my last few doubts and I decided to write it again.

The Princeton review experience was definitely a turning point in my life. After close to 4.5 years of service, studying had become an "alien" activity. The teachers and the overall course design helped me a lot to get back to studies and moreover to enjoy the experience. It was nice being a part of an interactive classroom and feel like a student. The teaching technique of both the teachers was highly professional and motivating. Thank you very much Merrily and Rohit.

I really want to thank each one of you as there was something to learn from each and every one of you. And again, thanks Merrily and Rohit for your support both during the classes and afterwords.



I scored a 730 (Q-49 and V-40). Whilst I was a little disappointed on not scoring a 50 on Quant, I would be lying if I said I am unhappy. The GMAT experience was a pleasant and enriching journey throughout and I must say each of you were catalysts to boost my score from a 420 (diag score) to 730 (GMAT score).

I remember the 1st day of my class - it was V2 for the batch, and Merrily told me to join the next batch. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed to leave so I agreed to complete the lecture but later on moved to the next batch for the other classes. When I scored a 420 on my diag, I reckoned it to be just another test and me scoring low is just because I was not in touch with the quant and verbal topics from school. But later during the course I realized that GMAT is an altogether different ball game. It is not like the college exams that are rated out of 100 and the questions are pretty straight where we have 3 hours to complete. Unfortunately for me, I realized this very late in the course, partially because I wasn't ready to unlearn and learn again. This is something each student should avoid and just adapt to from Day 1. In no time the course was over and though I did improve on certain areas, I wasn't too happy with how I was faring. This is when I realized that though I knew all concepts from Princeton, what I could not learn is how to prudently apply them.

My first aim since then was to get a 600 somehow and meet Merrily for my boosters. I somehow managed to score 600 and got myself enrolled for the boosters. Whoa!!! This was the turning point. The first session with Merrily was great; She not only helped me realise my strengths but also told me where I was going wrong. She asked me to attempt a few other tests and come back a few days later. Applying the strategies that Merrily told me during the boosters, I realized my verbal scores were on a constant 37+ on the various prep tests. My scores started going higher, but my Quant never crossed 48 & 49. I was disappointed again.. I had to pester Anupama to help me out with a booster trainer for Quant. One fine day I got a mail from my Quant booster trainer - Vikram and this was the second and the most important turning point during the last few days of my prep. I suggest that every student should get a chance to talk to Vikram at least once. His approach to understand your problem areas, advise and help you address them are amazing. He told me a few truths about GMAT that I will never forget - % of experimental questions, which question to skip and which one not to, how to help yourself concentrate better during the prep days etc. And after this session with Vikram, I felt prepared in the true sense; Or shall I say, this session did 'boost' my approach towards the test. Since then I scored a 50+ on every prep test and scores were always above 720.

So I was now prepared for the test and I committed one of my few mistakes during the last 3 days before my exam. I took 3 full length tests on all 3 days. Though I scored a 720+ on the first couple of tests, my score on the last test - GMAT prep 2 was a 700. I was paranoid as I had scored 750 on prep 1, and went bezerk.. I spoke to Merrily and she asked me to just forget everything and relax. One of the guidelines from Merrily - NO FULL LENGTH TEST 3 DAYS BEFORE THE MAIN EXAM. I somehow managed to maintain my cool and pass through the rest of the day.

On the day of the test, my brain was a little exhausted but I convinced myself to stay active for the 4 hours. Got to the test center, sorted out the formalities and started with the test. Completed the essays on time and then took my 1st break. Had something to drink, listened to some music and then got back to attempt my Quant. I completed my Quant 6 minutes before time and was pretty glad with how I had done. The only disappointment was that I had 3 questions on PnC and Probability and these questions were between Q27-Q37. As I was never prepared for these I skipped them. Had I prepared myself for these as well, I could have scored better. During my Quant slot, I realized something that Merrily told me during the boosters..'You can work every problem in the internet, prep tests etc, but what you see on the GMAT is completely different. Its not difficult but different. And be rest assured, if you are well prepared, every question in the set needs only 2 mins of your time to solve. If it takes more than 2-3 mins, then it is either a crazy experimental question or you should just skip and move on. Don't let one question bother you for the rest of the test.' I did this and had sufficient time left for the other questions. Those 6 minutes that I could save helped me relax and gave me 13-14 mins before Verbal. Had my second break after Quant, did the drill again, and then got back for the Verbal section. Unlike Quant, I spent 30 mins on the 1st 15 questions. I had to speed up from then on. Somehow managed to cruze through the remaining questions, and by the time I reached Q30 I had 15 mins left. I took sufficient time for each question from thereon. I was done with the test; I had the option of Reporting or Cancelling my score and when I clicked on Report, there it was.. the score with the break up.. Honestly, I was waiting to call my trainers and thank them because if it were not for them, I would not have got a decent score.. Well, this was just my experience... Though this is just step 1 complete in a long winded process of MBA admission, it is definitely a nice start...Thanks to each of you for your help and support during the entire journey...Much appreciated!!!



Thank you. I am extremely satisfied and relieved that I was able to perform well and get a good score in my first attempt itself. The help at TPR allowed me to focus on my prep on both my strengths and weaknesses and achieve the best possible score in the available time.

When I first decided to prepare for the GMAT, it was a friend who dragged me along to TPR, velachery. Back then, I didn't have an inkling of the exam pattern or the kind of prep required. So my decision to join TPR was one based on a gut feeling rather than on informed choice. In retrospect, knowing what I know now about the GMAT, I would definitely recommend TPR to anyone who is serious about preparing for the GMAT.

The classes were well organised and to the point. Moreover, they were held on weekends, which suited me perfectly. The pace and teaching methodology (both Altamash in Quant, and Jayanthi Maam in Verbal), and the strategies discussed helped me immensely in my preparation. I am happy to say that I attended all my classes; consequently I was able to stay abreast with the subject matter being taught. Also, the timely counselling that we received was immensely useful in keeping track of my study plan. That being said, the single biggest resource that helped me in my preparation was the online portal and the battery of tests it contained. The practice tests and the topic specific drills were a close simulation of the GMAT and helped me to avoid unpleasant surprises during the exam.

Kudos to the Team Velachery and TPR for the support and guidance provided. Their help drastically cut down the time and effort required to ace the GMAT, and for that I am extremely grateful.


Pushkar Roy

I joined GMAT Batch B-56 at Princeton Review Kolkata in February this year. Like many others I had a dream- a dream to enter one of the top B-Schools in the world and become a global citizen. However I had little clue of how to reach there. Then came the faculty of Princeton Review. With their effort they helped me secure a 700/800[90 percentile] �I must say that I am thoroughly pleased with the efforts put in by the faculty especially Saurab sir. �He went through the course material in a very systematic and methodical way. He first dealt with the basics, helping us form a strong base and then through his skill helped us build on the foundation. I still remember the way he explained the concept of participles I will never forget it. Another thing I was very happy about was the fact that he was there in non class hours just to help the students. I have called him thousands of times, bothering him with unnecessary questions. At all points, he made sure he cleared my queries even if that meant repeating the same point twice. �I really appreciate the help of Saurab sir and TPR. I wish them all the best and hope they keep on guiding students so that the students can follow their dreams.

Pushkar Roy

Ankit Abasht

My name is Ankit. I attempted the GMAT on 23rd October'12 and scored a 730(Q: 51 V:37. When I started preparing for GMAT in the month of June, I did not have much clue about what I was heading towards. MBA, GMAT were words that I had heard of, but I was totally unaware of the effort that a good score called for. Math, I always thought was a piece of cake and something that I would easily storm through. Probably engineers walk in with this attitude :P How wrong I was!! the first class with Tarun Sir was a wake up call - the journey would not be as smooth as I had fathomed. Not that I couldn't solve questions, but speed was an issue. I would at times take more than 4-5 minutes to get through a question and this troubled me. Tarun Sir with his wonderful tips helped me plug this problem right from day one. He has a very straightforward and simple approach to solving problems. Adopting this approach helped me get a hang of doing questions in the stipulated time period. GMAT tests how mart you are and that is exactly what we became at PR - Smart! After having solved tough hand outs at class, the real test was a breeze. It's all because of Tarun Sir and his effort that I scored a 51.Verbal was definitely my achilles heel, and the main eason for my joining PR! My first Verbal class was a Sentence Correction session. I was so overwhelmed with the amount of expertise that little sentences demanded that for once I wanted to put an end to the entire GMAT story. I decided not to give up and carried on.As the other question types unfolded-Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning, I was totally zonked!

Verbal for me was some arcane language that I just couldn't seem to decipher at all. I would have scored pathetically had it not been for my exceptionally talented Verbal teacher. Mansi was extremely patient and co-operative. Her command over the english language was very reassuring. Her explanations were so simple and perfect that slowly I started to get a hold over things. My comfort level with a variety of questions increased leaps and bounds. Mansi woud never hesitate from going out of her way to help a student learn the skills to tackle a problem.Other than the regular classes, Mansi would often call me for extra help sessions where she would sit down with me and help resolve all my doubts. Emails, mobile-calls, in person doubt sessions, she would be always ready to help. From a below average score on Verbal to begin with to a 37 on the final day, the journey has not been easy. I would want to give full credit for the same to Mansi and the entire TPR team.GMAT is an intelligent and a wonderful exam and only experts can help you get through it. The Princeton Review has surely been a wonderful experience that every GMAT taker deserves.

Ankit Abasht

Promit Chatterjee.

I found the entire process at Princeton Review�s GMAT course extremely helpful. The classes were conducted in an environment very conductive to learning. We were taught many little things that could not have been just picked up outside, which probably helped me gain a few extra points. The teachers Jyoti ma�am and Saikat sir were extremely accommodating. They always went out of their way to give me in depth responses and explanations to even the littlest of problems. This �above the call of duty� attitude and personal interest in my achievement are the main reasons I would recommend this course.

Promit Chatterjee.

Sakshi Jain

GMAT exam is a test of your endurance more than your aptitude in management. It is also a test of time management. But most of us assume that since it involves Math and English, it will be cakewalk. After joining TPR, I was proved wrong in terms of many such assumptions. TPR lays out a lot of unknown facts about GMAT from day 1 which obviously helps us stay more prepared for the final outcome. For example, I never knew that 1/4th of the questions on the GMAT were experimental and skipping a weird looking and out-of-place question might cause me no harm at all because for all I know it might be experimental. And if I spend lesser time on it I will have more time to spend on the actual questions which will make a difference to my score. In the beginning, I was never able to finish either section because of my speed.

The timed drills in OSC were extremely helpful that way - they helped me improve my timing on the actual test. The entire classroom program is designed very meticulously and the home work schedule ensures that students get sufficient practice. And best of all, the teachers are always ready to solve doubts. My Math teacher Harsha, helped me with all the Math concepts/questions and encouraged me a lot. My Verbal teacher Vikram, taught all the concepts extremely well and my Booster trainer Merrily refined my approach toward Verbal topics which ultimately pushed up my Verbal score. From a 550 in my Diagnostic test to a 710 in the actual test, TPR has helped me come a long way.

Sakshi Jain


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