GMAT Preparation in Coimbatore

Our Coimbatore operations were established in 2012 and have provided students with an opportunity to get guidance which was hitherto not available to them in their city. One third of our students scored in the 90th percentile of GMAT. Manya Abroad – The Princeton Review offers personalized GMAT coaching classes to subject-specific strengths and weaknesses of students. Students are sure, not to find preparation for GMAT better than what Manya provides, which really is a blend of courseware and study material developed in USA by The Princeton Review and delivery by The Princeton Review & Manya Abroad Trained & Certified experienced instructors who work closely with students throughout their preparation. One of the key reasons why students do so well in their GMAT is booster sessions provided to students as soon as they score a 600. This ensures that their scores are soaring in the 700 to 800 range.


GMAT Coaching Coimbatore – Study material

  • The Princeton Review Manual version 9 for GMAT
  • GMAT Official Guide GMAC Edition - 15
  • GMAT Supplement
  • Online Student Portal – 10 Stimulated GMAT Computer Adaptive Tests, 80 Topic wise Drills, Detailed GMAT Score Reports and a variety of Online Tools.
  • 2 GMAT Prep tests
  • Library facility for additional material for practice and tests
  • Free GMAT Booster Sessions
  • Every student at The Princeton Review is taught by US certified trainers. We follow a scientific learning development cycle:
We are the leaders as far as GMAT preparation in Coimbatore or anywhere else in India is concerned. GMAT preparation at The Princeton Review Manya has been designed to get you a 700 + on your test. Our customized courses will help you hone your knowledge and test taking skills. Our course material is the outcome of the rigorous research of our R&D team. The GMAT test formats are regularly tapped and inputs on the latest question patterns, trends etc. are tracked, appropriate strategies developed, and then documented in the manuals. Our five GMAT preparation centre in Coimbatore help us in achieving this target and serving as many students as possible.

GMAT Coaching classes in Coimbatore – Curriculum

GMAT Coaching classes in Coimbatore
For GMAT coaching Coimbatore, the student can choose from the following variants:
  • GMAT Classroom Course –This is a convenient and a structured GMAT course in a classroom format where student of Coimbatore has the luxury of studying with other students and exchanging information and better understanding.

    GMAT Coaching classes in Coimbatore for a total of 66 hours:
    -11 Verbal and 10 Math Classes of 3 hours each
    - 1 Verbal and 1 Math class per week
    - One on One Booster sessions for students scoring 600 in our GMAT tests to get them 700+ score in actual GMAT
    - Unlimited Extra help
  • GMAT One On One Tutoring- personal attention and flexible schedule for GMAT preparation in Coimbatore

    - GMAT coaching classes, personalized one on one for minimum 10 hours
    - Customized Schedule as per the convenience of student and faculty
  • Gmat Excelerator Program- Recommended for students with a 600+ on the real GMAT or on our diagnostic tests.

    - 20 hours of One on One Classes
    - Individually customized program
    - Unlimited Extra Help
  • GMAT Self Study Course - Great for students who do not have access to our Coimbatore centers. Students can buy the regular GMAT® course material and get the doubts cleared through phone, Skype etc. They also get access to the Online Student Portal that contains GMAT practice tests, drills and practice tools.

    GMAT Study material (including GMAT preparation books and Student Portal)
All the above mentioned GMAT courses include a lot of practice material provided by faculty for students to practice on. GMAT preparation Coimbatore is designed to give that extra edge to students that will help them crack the exam with flying colors.

GMAT Preparation Coimbatore – why us?

  • Our new course brings you new strategies and approaches for every question type, not just IR- Exhaustive online drills segregated by difficulty and pacing to gear you up for the test! The right kind of practice is essential to get you the scores that you want
  • All teachers are trained and certified by Uber Trainers in the USA to ensure the highest standards of delivery and teaching possible
  • 10 Full Length Computer Adaptive Tests- An outcome of 2029 hours of research, testing and analysis
  • Detailed analysis on performance for every test detailing time spent, opportunities missed for application of strategies, difficulty level of question, time spent on a question and identification of experimental questions. WHERE ELSE DO YOU GET THIS?
For GMAT coaching classes in Coimbatore, visit any of our centers at Coimbatore for a free GMAT® diagnostic test