Employment Manya is known for its culture of management and learning, innovation and teamwork. You enjoy a challenge? You have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to be one of the best? Then benefit from the Manya culture.


Why work at the Manya?

We are a growth-oriented educational services company. We believe that when talented people commit to make our students’ academic and career dreams come true, our business grows meteorically.


Career Growth

As we go places, our people go with us. We not only employ them, we patiently nurture them in a supportive and collaborative environment.



Manya – The Work Place


We work unusually hard, especially when deadlines approach. At Manya, we draw on each other’s capacities and experiences, to inspire and motivate one another. Play a role in the team. Use your insight and intellect to influence and lead.




Current Openings


We are a team of 200+ multi-discipline professionals and are constantly looking for able members. We are looking for people who have a creative approach to life as a whole.


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