We here at MEPL take the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously. In addition to helping our clients achieve their dreams of an international education, we have also looked towards our immediate surroundings to try and utilize the resources and talent at Manya to create social good. We believe that our success immensely depends on the society that we live and thrive in. We give back to our stakeholders at all levels. We realize that we could make a positive difference in the communities that we work and grow, and we use our resources and capabilities to that end.

Making the Indian tribal child literate

We support our NGO partner – The Friends of Tribal Society (FTS) in its effort to eradicate illiteracy in rural and tribal India by 2011. To date, FTS is a movement of over 9,000 teachers, 2,000 voluntary workers, 10 field organizations (scattered in 16 Indian states), and 7 support agencies. With this tremendous human force, FTS strives to create a network of non-formal schools that will educate and empower children in rural and tribal India.

Each One, Teach One

Manya Education’s head office is located in the Okhla Industrial Area. Every day, our employees cross by the dilapidated houses of factory workers and labourers, and it was empathy at the injustice of the plight of the children living there that led to the creation of the Each One, Teach One campaign. Each One Teach One utilizes the teaching talents of over 15 MEPL counsellors, editors, and managers; who donate an hour of their time every week to teach slum-dwelling children from Okhla. We took a break from this activity few months back and will be re-starting it very soon.

Caring for the environment

We aim to limit the impact of our activities on the environment. We take care of little things like saving paper, saving electricity and holding tele-meetings over commuting. We support our NGO partner – the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) – in its effort to increase awareness on the effects of climate change and take action to reduce the impact of it.

Working in collaboration with Greenobin, the Manya Greenies program aims to encourage MEPL HO employees to recycle the large amounts of paper and other materials that are wasted in office on a daily basis. With the spate of house cleaning and overhaul that occurs during the festive season, MEPL employees are also encouraged to bring any recyclable waste material from home to donate to Green-o-bin. So far, Manya Greenies has donated over 800 kgs of paper, plastic, and other recyclable material to be re-made as business cards, and notepads.

Eye and Blood Donation

We organize eye donation camps in association with the Rotary Regency and Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI). We also set up blood donation camps where we encourage our employees to 'give' and save and enrich lives.

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