MEPL’s Campus Recruitment Training

MEPL’s Campus Recruitment Training


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About the Test

English Made Easy – English has undeniably become an integral part in academic and professional development. Keeping this urgent need in mind, Manya has designed customized English Language Programs and English Language Courses for students, housewives and professionals. Manya English Language Program (offered in 3 levels) provides students with a professional edge in today’s competitive environment. It imparts them with English Language skills that help them communicate effectively in the English Language whether it is reading, listening, speaking or writing. The program covers all these aspects with highly skilled teachers who have the best teaching methodology and supplementary tools.

Courses Available

The course is conducted in 3 levels

  •     Basic
  •     Intermediate
  •     Advanced
Course Material
  •     Manual
  •     CD
Course Duration

Level 1: Basic Course - 72hrs
  • English Language Program for Students.
  • 48 hours with trainer, 24 sessions, two hours each on every alternate weekday.
  • Class sessions include interactive learning with an audio-video aid and from a manual.
  • 24 hours self-study with a learner CD.
  • Thrust is on speaking and listening. The module focuses on everyday vocabulary and formation of simple grammatically correct sentences.
Level 2: Intermediate Course - 48hrs

Target: BPOs, students and professionals who need to better their command of the language and communicate better.
  • English Language Program for BPO focused students/professionals.
  • 24 hours of in-class sessions with a trainer + 24 hours of learner CD-based self learning.
  • Class sessions include interactive learning with an audio-video aid and from a manual.
  • 24 hours self-study with a learner CD.
  • This level focuses on explicit usage of grammar in constructing more complex sentences in spoken English. Some amount of writing skills are also imparted.

Level 3: Advanced Course – 48 hours

Target: Students and professionals who want to advance their careers or improve saleability in the job market. Interview skills and group discussions are included here. Would also help BPO professionals since this module stresses on pronunciation and accent as well.
  • English language program for professionals who want to advance their careers and also help BPO professionals
  • 24 hours of In-class session with a trainer and 24 hours of self study with a learner CD following the above module.
  • Thrust on spoken English.
  • BBC audio clippings are included to expose students to various accents and to train them to speak correctly.
  • Students can also record their voice to see whether they are pronouncing words correctly.

MEPL's Campus Recruitment Training

MEPL is running programs in colleges, schools and universities and there are various types of these programs available. One such program is known as Placement Training. Placement Training is being offered in Poornima Group of Institutions to 1000 students. MEPL is running this program in various other institutions.

Despite the globally acknowledged high standards of Indian education, the Indian youth often is at a disadvantage in the employment scenario. Our high-quality Indian education system provides the best in terms of technical education, but often falls short in developing those critical skills needed to excel in the selection tests and in today’s global work scenario. Today’s typical employer is looking for much more than technical skills that encompass analytical skills, abilities to comprehend complex situations, communicate articulately and assert when needed. Today’s employee must adapt well to a multi-cultural workspace and be able to synergize group effort towards achievement of goals.

It is generally recognized by several industries including IT, Telecom and Services that amongst the repertoire of competencies that successful entry level employees bring to the work place, soft-skills rates as highly critical. A survey of employers across the industry spectrum indicated that apart from speaking, reading, listening and writing (or essentially strong communication skills), critical success parameters included adaptability to cross cultural environments (adjudged by creative thinking and problem solving), personal management with assertiveness and initiative, interpersonal skills and ability to work in teams.

There is an acknowledged gap between skills that students acquire as a result of the academic programs and those that are required to succeed in a work environment. MEPL’s well structured and scientifically designed Youth Development Programs are intended to inculcate those skills in students that give them the competitive advantage during recruitment drives.

Key features:

1. Focus on all aspects of English communication (Speaking, Listening, reading and Writing).
2. Regular assessments.
3. Curriculum for aptitude designed based on assessments conducted by the Corporate Sector.
4. U.S trained and certified trainers.
5. Personalized feedback.
6. Blended learning model for English programs.
7. Application based pedagogy for soft skill modules.

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quote  We take pleasure in sharing the fact that the Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) delivered by Manya Education Pvt. Ltd. (MEPL) during the month of july 2012 was truly outstanding. The content provided and the Training Pedagogy used by the Trainers was of the highest standards. The Training was organized for final year students to enhance their employability skills and this Training has done full justice towards achieving the goal. The student have benifited immensely through this initiative which is reflecting in their ongoing placements. We are very much satisfied with the Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) delivered by Manya Education Pvt, Ltd. and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial professional relationship with them....  quote


College Name: SRM University Delhi NCR Campus

Thank You,
Mithun Pandey

quote  The personality development classes by Manya Group have benefited me immensely. They enhanced my confidence in public speaking,group discussions,stage management etc. I was able to recognise my weaknesses and overcome them as well. Devika ma'am gave some really imperative guidelines for the development of my interpersonal skills which led to my overall personality development.In future I would like to attend more of such sessions since there is no set limit for improvement.  quote


College Name:

Thank You,
Eksha Agrawal

quote  I am really happy with the interview session that took place today. It was learning experience and I became more confident. As u suggested me to read more and more, I have started learning meanings from I am reading news and articles on net and trying to learn the words. This has really improved my level of English. Learning words is also helping me to reduce stress because I am enjoying it. These classes have also enhanced my personality.

Tomorrow is the last class and I am really going to miss this class a lot. It was not only learning class but also very very much entertaining. I would definitely be in in touch with u mam and let u know about my placement. I never expected a teacher and classes like manya group in this college. I wish that we could have regular classes like this which would have helped us a lot. Thank you so much mam.  quote


College Name:

Thank You,
Rohit kumar singh

quote  During this short but crucial three weeks tenure of the Campus recruitment training program which we went through, we moved one step closer to proficiency in articulation of ideas and verbal skills. The confidence acquired from the sessions is going added up to our personalities making us believe in our true potentials; It’s like a weapon to fight the cut throat competition out there.

The wisely formulated and intelligible lessons; delivered with diligence from extremely skilled faculties made the whole experience of learning easy and amusing, not only we learned but we developed throughout the process and bonded with some wonderful personalities who supported us like friends and guided us like true teachers.  quote


College Name:

Thank You,
soumya Chatterjee



K.N.G.D. College, Modi Nagar

K.N.G.D. College, Modi Nagar


We are running this program in leading consultancies such as ZS associates where in specific there is a need to develop and deliver customized modules to employees who interact with Americans not at the B2C level but at the B2B level.
Despite their profound technical skills and expertise, Indian executives fail to impact global businesses because of lackluster communication skills. Executives often struggle with presenting thoughts cogently either through dialogue or in writing. Lack of assertiveness in communication or clarity in expression leads to mismatch of expectations between delivery teams and clients, resulting in a sub-optimal client experience. Within the organization as well, poor communication skills contribute to lowering productivity and often escalating conflict. Our innate high power-distance cultural orientation, affects the way we interact with clients, managers and also global counterparts. Communication thus plays a critical role in any organization’s success.

Manya Education (P) Ltd, (MEPL) today offers its services in this broad domain of communication, ranging from business etiquette, including written and oral communication, to presentation and customer engagement programs, assertiveness and negotiation skills.

MEPL’s programs differ from several other ‘Business Communication’ programs in the depth of coverage, training methodology, instructor expertise, level of customization and extent of post-training engagement. Our outcomes are tangible and measurable.

MEPL’s current clients include ZS Corp, Cobra Legal Systems and Apollo Group of Hospitals.

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