GRE Student's Testimonial


Vishwanathan Giridhar

GRE: 337/340

Manya ID: ADR151610E00061

I found my course in Manya-The Princeton Review very useful and enjoyable. The interactive English and Quant classes were effective in giving me a solid foundation in cracking the GRE. I would also like to commend their excellent online portal where I was able to take multiple full length and realistic tests, which gave me adequate practice and experience and boosted my confidence. Looking forward to Manya-The Princeton Review for my TOEFL classes, I would strongly recommend it to the future GRE test takers.



Swati Pandey

GRE : 332/340

Manya ID: 5TX13100062E070019

The quality of practice material available in the online student portal of Manya-The Princeton Review is at par with the actual questions that come in the GRE®. My teachers at Manya were very approachable, always willing to help with any doubts. Previously, I never thought that coaching classes were very effective but my perception has completely changed now.




Firnaz Ahmed

GRE: 333/340

Manya ID: PRR151611E00011

Manya-The Princeton Review has been the perfect guide for me during my GRE preparation. The techniques that they taught have helped me to ace the exam. The ever-approachable faculty and the resources provided in the form of books and student portal have been instrumental in achieving my dream score. My teachers and facilitators have been my pillars of support. Apart from instilling technical knowledge, they gave me the moral support that I most needed.


Prateeth Reddy

GRE: 170/170

Manya ID: PNJ151601E00024

The trainers at Manya-The Princeton Review are highly competent with vast experience. Their personalized attention and guidance was very important for me in achieving a 760 on the GMAT. The online portal has some excellent content including topic wise lessons and drills. The online computer adaptive practice tests provide a realistic experience of the GMAT. Thorough post-test analysis helps in identifying areas of improvement. After the completion of regular course extra sessions were provided, which were helpful in my preparations. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with Manya-The Princeton Review and I would surely recommend it to anyone for their GMAT preparation.


Vinayak Basu

GRE: 332/340

Manya ID: SBR161707E00167

Although the GRE does not involve any complex concepts such as it is essential to know certain testing taking strategies. The instructors at the Princeton Review know all these strategies and I attribute my score to their guidance and support. Going into a GRE Prep with the Princeton Review with an open mind is probably the best thing that someone hoping to raise their score can do.


Bakulesh Singh

GRE: 335/340

Manya ID: CHD161707E00013

The Princeton Review really helped me in performing well on the GRE. The Tips and strategies offered by the faculty were really helpful in achieving my long standing ambition of getting admission into a reputed institute. I would strongly recommend the Princeton Review to anyone aiming for a good GRE Score.


Varun Rastogi

GRE: 332/340

Manya ID: HNR151601E00078

With great infrastructure, a good sense of how to incorporate GRE prep into a UG student's already hectic schedule using a nice online cum offline model and dedicated experts, Manya- The Princeton Review has given me a great impetus which has led me to move from 304 in my diagnostic to a 332 as my actual score. Manya-The Princeton Review is a one-stop choice for the GRE.


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